UNII Palette's new design! - FAQ'S

Please carefully read our FAQ's to learn all about the newly designed UNII Palettes. If you've got any questions that aren't covered here, please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

1. What is the main difference between the original UNII and the new UNII Palette?

The magnet is inside the palette! Based on feedback from our valued customers, we placed the magnet inside the palette. Our original palette had a metal plate inside, and magnets had to be attached to the bottom of all of your makeup pans. Many cosmetic brands are moving towards refills, and most are using magnetic pans. A magnetic pan will stick in the palette without the need of an additional magnet. By placing the magnet inside the palette, this eliminates the need to cut and stick magnets to the bottom of your magnetic pans. An easy way to check to see if your pans are magnetic is to grab a magnet off of your fridge and see if it sticks to your makeup pans (please see question #5 below). If not (MAC fans), there's an extra step. Please see the next question below.

2. What if my pans are not magnetic (I mostly use MAC)?

Our new palettes now ship with a sheet of magnet-receptive material (we'll call it 'Not-A-Magnet sheet). While it looks like a sheet of magnet, it is not a magnet. Magnet to magnet doesn't stick as well as magnet to metal. Since our new palettes have a magnet inside the base, (ideally) you don't want a magnet on the bottom of your pan. If both magnets are strong, they will stick together, but you may need to rotate them until they 'click' - when the polarity of the magnets align. If you use a lot of MAC products, you will need to stick a piece of our Not-A-Magnet sheet on the bottom of your MAC pans. This is because MAC refills come with a very weak and thin magnet that won't stick to the magnet inside the UNII Palette. Also, MAC uses aluminum pans, so the pan won't stick either. For our customers who have dozens of MAC eyeshadows, we are looking to get our Not-A-Magnet material pre-cut into circles so you don't have to cut circles all day long. Available soon!

3. Will my makeup from my old UNII magnetically stick in my new UNII?

For reasons explained in Question #2 above, if your makeup pans have magnets on the bottom, they may stick if both magnets are strong enough (you may need to rotate them). But we recommend that you check to see if your pans are magnetic. If they are, remove any magnet (please clean any adhesive residue from your pans) and place it onto the base of your new UNII Palette. However, if you remove the magnet from the bottom of your makeup pans, then they won't stick to your original UNII Palette. You can convert your original UNII's into magnetic ones if you'd like to be able to interchange makeup from your original UNII's and your new UNII's. Please see Question #4 below to learn how to convert your original UNII Palette.

4. How do I convert my original UNII?

You can peel and stick the entire sheet of magnet provided with your original UNII into the base (we recommend you stick it onto the metal plate). If you used your magnet sheet, don't worry! We would be happy to send you a new magnet sheet if you would like to convert your original UNII's. Please email us when you place your order for new UNII Palettes so we can ship them together.

5. How do I check if my pans are magnetic?

Checking your pans is simple! Grab a magnet off of your fridge and place it on or very near your makeup pan. If your pan is attracted to the magnet, it is magnetic and you can place them into our new UNII without needing to add a magnet. Our new package has instructions for checking your pans inside the sleeve (tear on the perforated line).

6. Do you have a new thumb grip?

Yes, we've got a new thumb grip that is the shape of our logo! It's grippy all around, large enough for your thumb and takes up less space inside your UNII Palette.

7. Can I take the new UNII Palette apart?

No, our new UNII doesn't come apart anymore. While taking it apart made it a little easier to clean, the metal plate had sharp edges that weren't finger friendly, and we had some difficulties with producing the rubber gasket. Everything stays securely put in our new UNII's.

8. Does the new UNII have a rubber gasket?

While we loved

the rubber gasket, we had difficulties with the manufacture and assembly of the rubber gasket. Our new UNII Palettes have a colored plastic in the same shape of the gasket. We hope to bring the gasket back in our future products, once we've got a more friendly design for it!

9. What else is different from the original UNII and the new UNII?

What you can't see in any of the photos is the new sparkle that we've added! The tiny sparkle flakes are small enough to be subtle, yet shiny like tiny glitter specks.

10. How do I care for my new UNII?

We recommend you wipe your original and new UNII Palettes with a soft damp cloth. Please do not use rubbing alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Please take care not to get excessive amounts of water behind the mirror or under the magnet, as it will get trapped.

12. Are your original UNII Palettes available?

We've been out of stock for some time now while we waited for our new UNII's to arrive. We don't have any plans to go back to the metal plate, since the makeup industry seems to be moving towards magnetic pans, especially those brands that offer refills.

13. Are the darker colors available? Will you bring them back?

Currently, we don't have plans to bring back the original (darker) colors. We plan to offer new colors regularly, please feel free to email us with your favorite color requests!